How To Increase Breast Size

I think the desire to learn how to increase breast size started in my teenage years. Even when I reached 18, I was still flat chest and felt painfully embarrassed when my closest friends looked amazing at the beach in their bikinis while I was wearing a thickly padded bikini top. Fast forward 22 years later, not much had change…

Of course there were permanent ways on how to increase breast size such as plastic surgery but that involved a lot of money. Not willing to give up, I researched the topic of  how to increase breast size“ like a mad woman and found some interesting information that I like to share with all the hopeful women out there.

Now If you’re short on time, you might want to watch the video below for 3 quick tips on how to enhance your breasts. But if you like to know how to increase breast size naturally without surgery, please read on.

Yes - you can get bigger breasts naturally but it does require a little work, consistent effort and patience. If you’re after instant results then the tips below will not be suitable for you. Below, I outline 5 personally tested tips on how to increase breast size naturally with no side effects.


how to increase breast sizeTip 1: Exercise That Chest

Developing chest muscles will help improve the size of your breasts. A well toned body will strengthen the chest and shoulders which plays a major role in carrying your breasts. Trivial as it may sound but a good posture, along with well toned chest muscles will help you move, and carry your breast forward. It’s a sneaky method of how to increase breast size but it works wonders for your overall self appearance. To exercise your chest muscles, apply interval exercises by performing arms circles, arm pumps and push ups to build muscles underneath the chest.  A well toned chest and straight posture will enhance and make your breast look bigger and fuller.

Tip: You may feel that exercising your chest is an ineffective method on how to increase breast size BUT a majority of fitness experts believe that exercise will help in attaining that desired increase in breast size by adding a layer of chest muscles.


how to increase breast sizeTip 2: Massage Your Breasts To Improve Circulation

Stimulating your breasts will increase blood circulation so massage is recommended. Oestrogen in your body can travel easily through your bloodstream so the more blood and oestrogen flowing to your breasts, the faster the breast receptors will work in assisting you to to grow your breast tissues. Patience and perseverance usually pays off to those who adopt this method. If you need a bit of encouragement, for the women currently in a relationship you can always have your boyfriend or husband do this for you (I think it’s the best time of the day for my husband!). Simply massage your breast for 20-30 minutes per breast daily. Apply a breast enhancement cream or serum before massaging as it will make massaging the breast much easier and is an effective method of how to increase breast size. 

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how to increase breast size Tip 3: Use Breast Enhancement Pills

Although exercising your chest muscles and combining massage with breast enhancement creams will aid in developing bigger breasts, often times the results don’t come fast enough.  If you’re serious on how to increase breast size and have some funds to spare, then adding breast enlargement pills will make your breasts grow a lot faster. By combining all of these three natural methods, your breasts growth are put into superdrive and you will begin to develop breast tissues whilst maintaining your weight.

Tip: When you opt to use breast enlargement pills makes sure that it is FDA approved and that the ingredients are safe to consume. Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto and Wild Yam are natural herb extracts that form the main ingredients in many of the breast enlargement pills. If you like to increase breasts naturally,  then stick to these herbs.


how to increase breast size Tip 4: Eat The Right Food

Yes, it may sound cliché but eating the right healthy foods is the key to knowing how to increase breast size. Food not only plays a major factor in your weight but it aids in the development of cell growth especially those cells relating to your breast tissues. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing pushups or taking breast enlargement pills or creams, if you’re not eating the right food then you are stunting the growth of your breast tissues.

Tip: If you’re smoking, try to stop or cut down on the cigarrettes as it stops your breast tissues from growing and stay away from coffee as studies have shown that a caffeine-fuelled drink can shrink the size of women’s boobs.


how to increase breast sizeTip 5: Try Breast Enhancement Creams and Serums

This is the methodology I used,  I found that by combining breast enlargement pills and breast enhancement creams, I was able to increase my breast size by 2 cup sizes.  Like the breast enlargement pills, these breast enhancement creams and lotions are also comprised of herbs that will stimulate your stored fat cells to grow within your breast. There is a cold menthol feeling when you use these kind of creams or lotions so don’t be too concerned when you start using them – the breast enhancement serum I used was Triactol, read my Triactol Review here. Even If you were to use breast enhancement creams and serums like Triactol on it’s own, that alone can lift and firm up your breasts.  

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Breast Actives worked!
I tried Breast Actives after reading the articles on this site and followed Sammi's tips in her report. Like Sammi said, I didn't get instant results but by diligently using the pills - my breasts grew by 1 cup size!
, India Jan 2, 2011

Breast Actives didn't work for me but Triactol did!
I hate to say anything bad about anyone or anything but Breast Actives didn't work for me, Triactol did however! I guess my goals was different to everyone, I wanted firmer perkier breasts. Triactol did a lot of the "lifting" for me and I'm glad I found Triactol
, Fiji Mar 1, 2012

The best information I found so far
Just wanted to drop Sammi a quick review to say that I enjoyed reading this website and what you've done to it so far, I've followed some of your recommendations and found that your free methods do work!
, United States Aug 11, 2011

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