Breast Actives Review

Breast Actives ReviewBreast Actives (available at is a 3 step system that promises to increase your breast size using a breast enhancement pill and cream combination. The creators claim that you will be able to add 2 cup sizes to your breast size, all while maintaining your weight, and all using their system that is supposedly ‘for every woman’.


They claim that Breast Actives is a do- it- yourself at home breast system that results in enlarging, lifting and firming your breasts, which is a claim you would have to see to believe.


It certainly seems far fetched to state that a woman (who has gone past the puberty stage) can suddenly develop breasts tissues with such a simple system, but rather than discounting it outright, let’s look a little deeper at the facts of this product.

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Purchasing The Product

Breast Actives is mainly purchased online and easy enough to do. When you visit the official website you will be confronted with pictures of gorgeous women and a rather “pretty” sales letter explaining the pros of natural breast enhancement vs surgery, testimonials from past Breast Actives users, interview snippets with models and celebrities, and explaining a little more about what you will get when you purchase Breast Actives.


The price is not listed, on the top of the sales page there is a picture of a woman cupping her breasts with a sign that says “Get Your FREE 2 Month Supply” and with a little asterisk underneath it stating ” * with purchase of selected packages”. There’s the catch, you only get your Free 2 month supply when you purchase one of their selected packages. If you look at the image below, I’ve marked the arrow of where the asterisk is and entered my name and email to show you what happens:


Breast Actives Review


Once you enter in your details, you will be taken to a different page that offers you  4 Breast Actives packages options. Here are the following package options you can choose:


  • 6 Packages – Breast Actives @ $227 (4 packages with 2 Free)
  • 4 Packages – Breast Actives @ #170 (3 packages with 2 Free)
  • 2 Packages – Breast Actives @ $104 (2 packages at a slight discount)
  • 1 Package – Breast Actives @57 (you don’t get 2 Free months here)


You can either buy the product as a stand alone or select one of their higher end packages to get the 2 Free months supply which is the 4 Packages & 6 Packages selection. You can bypass filling out your contact details on the home page and purchase one of the packages directly here. They take all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and eCheck.


Click Here to Buy Breast Actives


breast activesHow It Works

The benefits of this product will technically be greater for women who are able to consume supplements as the herbal extracts found in Breast Actives are Fenugreek, Fennel, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion, Kelp and Watercress. The creators of Breast Actives claims that the ingredients are natural and are chosen specifically to enhance the breasts. The system is made up of three main parts:


  1. The first part is taking 1 Breast Actives pill everyday before or after food to stimulate the breast receptors and tissues.
  2. The second is applying their breast creme twice a day (morning and night) to deliver the nutrients and supplements directly to your breasts and aid in the absorption of the herbs.
  3. The third part, which is optional, is thoroughly massaging your breasts each morning and night to increase circulation and blood flow whilst using the creme.


Actual Test

The Breast Actives system is not made for everyone, no matter what the creators claim. While it is ideal for anyone who is healthy enough to absorb the supplements into the breast tissues, those who have a sluggish digestive system or those who have a super fast metabolism may be unable to use Breast Actives properly.


As for those who are in good physical condition, Breast Actives can do wonders! The studies on women’s breast development and healthy eating are well documented, and it is easy to say that a difference would be made. How much breast growth seems to depend on the genetics of of the individual as well as how well they follow the recommended guidelines. Not everyone will end up with 2 cups sizes, but it is easy to see how others would.


Here’s a timeline of the changes you can expect:

  • Not much change in the first month although slight firmness
  • Within the first 2 months of consumption, your body will be adjusting to herbs and your breasts may feel fuller.
  • By the 3rd month your breast may be fuller and firmer however if you suffer from menstrual cramps, these symptons may dissappear.
  • By the 4th month, your breasts is beginning to look full and you may experience an increase in 1 cup size and your monthly flow is regulated
  • By the 6th month, it is likely that you’ve gained at least 2 cup sizes to your breasts.


breast actives review


Key Observations


  • The Breast Actives system is standard enough that it is likely to be effective.
  • There is a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • The product is all natural containing herbal extracts in supplement form.
  • Using the creme provided enhances  your breast results.
  • Works better if you already maintain a healthy life style.


  • Their 2 months free offer is only available with selected purchases
  • It’s in pill form and some women find it difficult swallowing pills
  • It takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months realistically to see good results, though some may see results in the first month.


Overall Rating : 8.5/10 – Definitely Recommended. 


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