Fenugreek and Other Normal Breast Enlargement Methods

As you all may know, fenugreek is a core component in most breast enhancement pills

Its has been known to assist women in PMS symptons and abdominal cramps along with increasing estrogen in a woman’s body. The article below exams fenugreek and a few other breast enlargement techniques.

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Cancer Rates Expected To Increase 75% By 2030

The recent media regarding PIP breast implants has highlighted the possiblity that any impant, regardless of make or type can rupture.

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In the case of silcone implant, a rupture is usually not apparrent at first because the implant contains a cohesive gel and therefore deflation does not occure. This is what you call a “silent phase” of rutpure and can be undectable on physical examination. It is only after some time when traces of silcone migrate and enlarge the lymph nodes in the arpit or on the chest wall appear that suspicions of rupture is raised.

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‘Cancer Rates Expected To Increase 75% By 2030’

So if you have breast implants, go to your doctor for early detection and cancer prevention. Women are encouraged to have:

  • A yearly physical examination by your MD
  • a breast ultrasound examination,  should implant rupture be suspected get a MRI examination
  • Then if implant is reported in MRI, removal and replacement is required.

This assist in early detection of breast cancer in all women.

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Enlarge Your Breast Size With Chewing Gum?

You may have heard about breast enhancement pills or chewing gum like zoft gum. Personally I haven’t tested zoft gum because I find it hard to believe that by chewing gum can you get you larger breasts. The video is a testimonial from a 60 year old lady who used zoft gum to enhance her breasts. You can find more information about ZOFT gum here.  

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