How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Plastic Surgery


How to get bigger boobsSometimes I wonder how these really skinny girls have such big breasts or did they get some help with the use of plastic surgery?

Determined to not go under the knife, I did some digging around to find out how to get bigger boobs without plastic surgery.

So here’s how to get bigger boobs without spending thousands of dollars on breast augmentation and post operative pain:


Tip 1. Exercise For Bigger Boobs 

Yes, hit the gym ladies and have a training program written out for you. Tell your instructor that you want to tone down your body, strip the fat and gain lean muscles. More importantly you want to focus on building chest muscles to accentuate your personal assets. A lot of personal  trainers these days are well aware of a woman’s desire to develop firmer and fuller breasts so they can incorporate chest specific exercises into your training routine through the use of weights.


Tip 2. How To Get Bigger Boobs With A Tan 

Ok lets admit it, getting bigger boobs will not happen over night, it will take a few months for you to see some results. In the mean time, have a professional tanning expert to give you a golden look like beyonce or the kardashians. The tan look will give you the well toned look and create contours on your breast to make it look fuller.


Tip 3. Eat Healthy Foods For Bigger Boobs

Avoid eating foods that will cause rapid weight loss as your boobs will also go in the process. Your breast is made out of fat and breast tissue, so once the breast fat goes, you’re not left with much. The aim is tone up your chest muscles to support your posture as well as get a balance of oestrogen’s to stimulate breast tissues. Nutritionists have proven that eating certain foods, soya, beans, oats will aid your body in creating oestrogen, good foods that help you firm up and increase bust size.


Tip4.  How To Get Bigger Boobs Through Massage

Give your breast a good massage before you hit the gym and before you sleep at night. You can even tell your partner or husband to do this for you to keep the excitement alive. Massage in a circular clock wise motion being careful not to push too hard. Do this for 20minutes everyday in a simultaneous circular motion to aid breast firmness and development.


Just follow these practical, natural and easy tips to learn how to get bigger boobs. Yes they are natural alternatives and won’t give you big boobs instantly or overnight but it will get you half way to your journey instead of resorting to expensive dangerous surgery.


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