Male Breast Enlargement

male breast enlargmentIt’s a sensitive issue, but if  you’re a female trapped in a male’s body then the desire to have bigger breasts is strong. It’s a topic that is not discussed among the social arena due to discrimination men face but if you’re a homosexual or a transexual that is more in touch with your feminine side and have considered “growing breasts” then you might want to read on.

The desire to have male breast enlargement is usually, but not exclusively, a sexual one. Both homosexual and transexual men would like to see larger, rounder, more feminine breasts. Having bigger breasts defines them and also increases the pleasure and foreplay during intercourse.

Often many males wanting to break free from their masculinity resort to estrogen therapy. Estrogens are powerful hormones, the chemicals contain within estrogen can affect the form and function of your body and organs. The difference between the level of estrogen within women are significantly higher than men. In women, large amounts of estrogen are produced by the ovaries, and in men a small amount is present due to chemical conversion of testosterone.

Once a man is fully grown and the genetic male traits are fully developed, your body starts representing the genodes that are present in your sex. Changing the hormone balance from male to female with drugs causes the tissues which are supported by male hormones to diminish and stop functioning and the estrogen then starts taking on features and body parts that represent that of females.

Estrogen therapy is an extreme measure of transforming your whole look, for those of you who only want to increase your breast size then consider looking up the breast enhancement pills available to women. These pills have herbal extracts that contain a high level of estrogen to assist with breast tissue development.

The Internet is a great place to research and gather information for male breast enlargement. If privacy is important to you, make sure that you look for reputable breast enlargement companies that have a professional looking website, a privacy guarantee with reviews and testimonials.

Once breast enlargement has begun, what you as a male might notice is sensitivity to the nipple area, fibrous tissues in your breasts area, and a nagging ache. These signs are not a bad thing, it simply means that you’re breasts are growing and that your chest needs to make room for male breast enlargement.

At this stage, there are no readily available “male breast enlargement” products on the market however there is a plethora of breast enlargement pills and creams for women that have the same affect on men.

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